AOC Called “Financially Illiterate,” Faces Calls to Be OUSTED from Office!

Embattled newly-elected Rep. Alexandira Ocasio-Cortez is facing massive backlash after a disastrous appearance at Rev. Al Sharpton’s event, and some are calling her to be removed from office.

Washington Examiner reported that Ocasio-Cortez appeared to imitate a Southern accent in a speech to a predominantly black audience at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network conference in New York City on Friday.

“This is what building power looks like, this is what changing the country looks like,” Ocasio-Cortez said, exaggerating and drawing out vowels in a distinct change from her usual pronunciation.

The National Action Network is a nonprofit civil rights organization founded by Sharpton based in New York City. It advocates for criminal justice reform and police accountability and against voter ID laws, among other issues.

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However, matters got even worse, when AOC was attacked for being “financially illiterate,” and spreading misinformation regarding the foiled Amazon deal.

From Fox News

Hours before Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for an “agenda of reparations” at an Al Sharpton-sponsored event in New York on Friday, she was slammed as “financially illiterate” at the same conference for killing the Amazon deal with the state.

Ocasio-Cortez spoke to the crowd at the National Action Network, saying her Green New Deal will consider reparations to black Americans for slavery in addition to the radical overhaul of the economy in a bid to combat climate change.

But at the same conference, hours before Ocasio-Cortez’s speech, an investor ripped those who opposed the Amazon deal with the state that would have generated billions in tax revenue and 25,000 jobs.

“The people campaigning against the Amazon campus are financially illiterate,” said Tracy Maitland, president and chief investment officer of Advent Capital Management during a panel discussion the Black Economic Agenda, according to the New York Post.

He later told the newspaper that he blames the 29-year-old Democratic Socialist for spreading misinformation and helping to kill the agreement with Amazon that would have benefited people in her home state.

“This was a disgrace. I partially blame AOC for the loss of Amazon. She doesn’t know what she doesn’t know. That’s scary. We have to make sure she’s better educated or vote her out of office,” he said, noting that Ocasio-Cortez implied the state was giving a blank $3 billion check rather than tax credits based on the number of jobs created.

Bill Thompson, the chairman of the City University of New York, also said during the panel that jobs were “snatched away” from mostly Latino and black students at the university.

“We were at the table talking to Amazon on how students could get jobs. … Those opportunities were snatched away,” Thompson was quoted as saying.

“Those students look like us. … We’re talking thousands of high-paying jobs. It was a disappointment from a CUNY perspective.”