AOC Blasts Tulsi Gabbard for “Present” Vote on Impeachment

Freshman lawmaker and media sensation Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez threw shade at 2020 candidate Tulsi Gabbard for her “present” vote on impeachment.

Per MSN, after the vote, Ocasio-Cortez said “Today was very consequential, and to not take a stand one way or another, on a day of such great consequence to this country, I think is quite difficult,” Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., said after the vote. “We are sent here to lead.”

Gabbard skipped the procedural votes in the morning and just as the first vote on impeachment for abuse of power was winding down, Gabbard stunned with her lone “present” vote. She followed with a second “present” vote on obstruction of Congress.

“Whenever we have a vote, we should vote ‘yes’ and we should vote ‘no,’” Ocasio-Cortez said. “Voting ‘present’ is a very tough position to be in. To not take a stand in a moment that is so consequential, I think it’s quite difficult.

She continued, “I’m sure she’ll be answering [questions] and discussing her rationale in the days ahead.”

Per Heavy, in her statement, Gabbard said she was trying to do what was best for the country.  She wrote, in part: “After doing my due diligence in reviewing the 658-page impeachment report, I came to the conclusion that I could not in good conscience vote either yes or no… I could not in good conscience vote against impeachment because I believe President Trump is guilty of wrongdoing. I also could not in good conscience vote for impeachment because removal of a sitting President must not be the culmination of a partisan process, fueled by tribal animosities… When I cast my vote in support of the impeachment inquiry…I said that in order to maintain the integrity of this solemn undertaking, it must not be a partisan endeavor. Tragically, that’s what it’s been.”