AOC blasts Graham for arguing against Trump impeachment, says “moving on” requires accountability

Friday morning, Senator Lindsey Graham tweeted:

“As President @realDonaldTrump stated last night, it is time to heal and move on.

If Speaker Pelosi pushes impeachm ent (sic) in the last days of the Trump presidency it will do more harm than good.I’m hopeful President-elect Biden sees the damage that would be done from such action.

Speaker Pelosi is hanging by a political thread, and Senator Schumer lives in fear of a primary from the radical left.

It is up to President-elect Biden to step in and allow the nation to heal.

Any attempt to impeach President Trump would not only be unsuccessful in the Senate but would be a dangerous precedent for the future of the presidency.

It will take both parties to heal the nation.

He added in a follow-up tweet “I’m convinced impeachment, under these circumstances, will further divide the country and erode the institution of the presidency itself. I hope President-elect Biden shares those views and will speak out so we can continue to heal the nation with an orderly transfer of power.”

“Move on?”

“Moving on” does not mean “forget about it,” @LindseyGrahamSC

“Moving on” requires accountability.

Attacking our nation without recourse or responsibility isn’t “moving on.” A Capitol Police officer just died. Why are you defending this?

“Move on?” “Moving on” does not mean “forget about it,”