AOC blasts GOP Senator’s amendment to ban “transgender athletes in female sports”

Friday, AOC responded to a tweet from Mondaire Jones.

Jones wrote wrote:

I’m hearing @RogerMarshallMD has offered an amendment to the COVID relief bill to ban trans kids from playing sports.

Let me make sure I understand Senate rules here: Americans don’t deserve a $15 min wage, but it’s cool to attack and exclude trans kids in sports?


Senator Marshall had an amendment to the COVID-19 bill that would  “prohibit the Secretary of Education from providing funds to institutions that allow for the participation of transgender athletes in female sports.”

AOC replied:

Trans kids are awesome, incredible, beautiful, and wonderful. Bigotry is not. Republicans need to stop obsessing over other people’s gender identity bc frankly it’s very weird and they’re doing a lot of harm to children who are just trying to be themselves.