AOC Blasted on Social Media After Claiming She’s Been “Proven Right on Amazon”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has declared she’s been “proven right” on Amazon after Amazon has agreed to open in Hudson Yards in a deal without any financial incentives. However, the freshman lawmaker and social media star failed to mention the # of NY jobs created by this office will only be a small fraction of what would have been brought to her district had she not killed the original deal.

Social media users were quick to blast back at AOC.

The original deal would have created 25,000 jobs. This one creates 1,500….. What kind of math do they teach in New York?

And on west side of Manhattan
Not your district

Teen Anti-gun activist David Hogg replied to AOC “This is awesome, congrats!”

Another Twitter user blasted back:

It’s not awesome.

She cost her constituents over 23,500 jobs when she blocked that HQ.

It’s a net loss of 23,500 jobs.

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