AOC Suggests McEnany Calling Her a “Biden Advisor” is “Racist,” Calls for Apology

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took offense to White House Press Secretary referring to her as a “Biden adviser.”

AOC went off and tweeted:

.@PressSec wouldn’t be the first person to mistake a women of color for having a lower position or title than she does, but Kayleigh – in case you haven’t picked up a newspaper in two years, I’m a Congresswoman

The @PressSec comment is steeped in a long, hurtful, & horrendous history of stripping women of color of titles and diminishing them to “the help.”

Perhaps she isn’t aware that what she did is mired in racist history. If that is the case, I look forward to her apology tomorrow.

Several Twitter users pointed out that Kayleigh McEnany did in fact also refer to AOC a “congresswoman” in the same sentence she called her a “Biden advisor.”