“Antiracism” scholar Ibram X. Kendi uses Trump as example of how “to be racist”

Appearing at the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) conference Wednesday Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, considered a leading scholar in “antiracism” used former President Trump as the example of how “to be racist.”

Kendi was asked at the conference “How does this honesty and vulnerability help give others the space to acknowledge and name their own racist behaviors and attitudes?”

He answered “In studying the history of racism, even studying the history of times in which people were being racist, what I found was a consistent, sort of, narrative was just denial, was, was people just denying the ways in which they were being racist, their racist policies, their racist ideas. People constantly and consistently, whether you’re a Ku Klux Klansman, a lyncher, or a slaveholder or segregationist, or, you know, someone today consistently claiming they’re not racist, no matter what they do or say. And I wanted the heartbeat, really, of this book to be the veritable opposite of that. And that opposite is actual admission, being vulnerable, being willing to look and see.”

“You know what, I was wrong. I was the problem, my ideas were the problem, not those people. And, and I thought that it was critically important to do that, not because I actually thought it would allow other people to be vulnerable, but because I recognized that it was important to be vulnerable, to be antiracist. Like to be antiracist, is to admit the times which we’re being racist. To be racist, is to constantly consistently, deny, deny, deny, like Donald Trump,” he added.