Antifa “T-Shirt Fundraiser” shut down by Teespring “due to the recent increase of violent Antifa content”

A Twitter account that purports to be associated the group Antifa complained on Twitter that their T-shirt fundraiser was stopped by the company “TeeSpring.”

TeeSpring allows most individuals and groups to create and sell customized T-shirts.

In a series of tweets, the Antifa associated Twitter account wrote:

@teespring just shut down our t-shirt fundraiser. Why? Because our shirts contain the word “antifa.” A thread:

“the word “Antifa is in violation of our acceptable use policy and not permitted on @teespring”
The account further griped:

How does the word “antifa” violate @teespring‘s acceptable use policy?
It’s not hate speech.
It doesn’t harass specific individuals.
It’s not porn.
It doesn’t glorify harm/violence.
It doesn’t promote a terrorist group or activity.
It doesn’t promote illegal activity.
If  @teespring doesn’t want anti-fascists to use their platform, they should be honest about their reasons. Not doing so leads one to speculate about what side they’re on in the fight against bigotry, fascism, and hatred.

Teespring responded:

Teespring is not a fascist company. Due to the recent increase of violent Antifa content, we have removed all Antifa related listings until we are able to review the intent behind the designs. Reviewing this content will take some time, so we appreciate your understanding.