Anti-Trump Writer Stephen King Announces He’s Quitting Facebook

Outspoken Anti-Trump writer Stephen King has announced he’s quitting Facebook via his Twitter account.

King wrote:

I’m quitting Facebook.

Not comfortable with the flood of false information that’s allowed in its political advertising, nor am I confident in its ability to protect its users’ privacy.

Follow me (and Molly, aka The Thing of Evil) on Twitter, if you like.

King is a supporter of Elizabeth Warren.

He tweeted this morning:

I’ll support and work for any Democrat who wins the nomination, but I’m pulling for Elizabeth Warren. I’d love to see her open a large can of whup-ass on Trump in the debates.

King was clearly not happy with how the Senate voted down witnesses in the Trump impeachment trial, tweeting:

Republican Murkowski, not up for re-election, voted against witnesses.
Republican Collins, up for re-election, voted for witnesses.
Both will vote to acquit.
It’s Moscow Mitch at his finest.
Hey hey, ho ho, Susan Collins has to go.

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