Anti-Trump Social Media Posts by Roger Stone Jury Forewoman Fuel Controversy

Per CNBC, Lawyers for President Donald Trump’s longtime friend and advisor Roger Stone are eyeing anti-Trump and other social media posts by a woman who says she served as the forewoman of the jury in his case.

Stone in November was convicted of lying to Congress and witness tampering.

The posts by the forewoman, Tomeka Hart, which included one referring to Stone’s arrest last year and one made the day he was convicted, came to light Wednesday night and added more fuel to a firestorm of controversy over the upcoming sentencing of the Republican operative.

The Federalist reports social media posts from the lead juror in the Roger Stone trial, who is “standing up” for the four prosecutors who withdrew from the case this week, reveal she was a perpetuator of the grand Russian collusion conspiracy theory in addition to showing an obvious bias against Stone.

In March of 2019, Tomeka Hart tweeted about the Mueller indictments which, at the time, included Stone.

“Ignoring the numerous indictments, guilty pleas, and convictions of people in 45’s inner-circle, some Republicans are asserting that the Mueller investigation was a waste of time because he hasn’t found evidence,” Hart wrote on Twitter sharing from a now-deleted Facebook post.

Two months earlier, she even tweeted about Stone’s arrest and posted an article laying out Stone’s indictment.

In August last year, Hart also tweeted that anybody who supported President Donald Trump was racist.

“Then stop being racists. Co-signing and defending a racist and his racist rhetoric makes you racist. Point blank,” Hart wrote on Twitter while linking to a piece in the Atlantic of Trump supporters complaining about the label constantly being lodged against them.

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Per DailyCaller, CNN omitted critical background details in its Wednesday article about one of the seemingly biased jurors on the Roger Stone trial.

Stone, a longtime GOP operative, was convicted in November of 2019 on obstruction, witness tampering, and five counts of making false statements to Congress. Federal prosecutors recommended up to nine years in prison for Stone, 67, causing outrage among many – including the president.

One of the jurors who voted to convict the Trump confidante, Tomeka Hart, was recently discovered to have run for Congress as a Democrat. Hart also frequently posted anti-Trump stories and wrote a Facebook post Tuesday in support of the four prosecutors who withdrew after a revision in Stone’s sentencing recommendation.

CNN failed to include any of this critical background information on Hart in its article titled “Stone juror says she ‘stands with’ the prosecutors.” The article focuses only on Hart’s Facebook post and notes that she wants to “stand up” for the prosecutors who withdrew.

“I want to stand up for Aaron Zelinsky, Adam Jed, Michael Marando, and Jonathan Kravis — the prosecutors on the Roger Stone trial,” Hart wrote in the Facebook post. “It pains me to see the DOJ now interfere with the hard work of the prosecutors. They acted with the utmost intelligence, integrity, and respect for our system of justice.”