Anti-Trump Protester from PA Rally Comes Out on Social Media, Declares “This Was Me!!”

The Anti-Trump protester who was escorted out while causing a disturbance and holding a pink “grabbing power back” sign had come out on social media.

Replying to a video of Trump responding to her protest, the woman who goes by “Bird” wrote “That was me!! I had a nice long opportunity to give @realDonaldTrump the middle finger while he looked me in the eye.”

The anti-Trump protester shared the outfit she wore on her Instagram page, adding:

Protest gear I crafted for the #TrumpRallyHershey
It was a successful night. 

Bird also tweeted “I still have my sign and @realDonaldTrump received my message.”

and “When you’ve got the attention of @realDonaldTrump don’t miss your chance to give him the finger.”

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