Anti-Trump “Lincoln Project” Busted Blatantly Plagiarizing Content for Tweets

The Anti-Trump Republican group “The Lincoln Project” that has Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George Conway among its founders, has been busted by multiple Twitter users and content creators for blatantly stealing their content.

Here are just a few examples.

Confronted with the blatant plagiarism by the Huffington post, the group did not deny it and instead claimed they would do a better job at attribution.

In their statement, the group states“The Lincoln Project works every day to defeat Donald Trump and his enablers in November. Along the way, we’ve scaled quickly, and have been fortunate to build a larger social following than we ever could’ve hoped for.”

They add “We recognize that with our reach comes a responsibility to always recognize the talent and hard work of creators. Moving forward, we will make every effort to attribute content, and we are evolving our policies to ensure that happens.”