Anti-Trump Celebs Gloat, Mock Ships Sinking During Trump Boat Parade

Several anti-Trump celebrities rejoiced, cheered, gloated and mocked, as several boats for Trump sank during a boat parade in Texas.

Multiple boats took in too much water, mostly smaller ones and capsized in the choppy waves.

Actor Michael Rapaport filmed a video and wrote “I like My Boaters knowing how to Boat. These are real life Suckers.”

“3rd Rock from the Sun” Actress Kirsten Johnson wrote “Now that’s a parade!”

George Takei wrote “The #BlueWave approacheth.”

Performer Bette Midler wrote “BOATER SUPPRESSION! F**k ‘em!!”

Several other anti-Trump Twitter users apparently also found sinking ships just hilarious.

Malcolm Nance wrote “The miracle at #Dumbkirk”

Daniel Uhlfedler wrote “Suckers and losers don’t sink Trump boats”


Frederick Joseph wrote “The Antifa Navy watching the Trump boats sink.”

Hillary Clinton at home watching the MAGA boat parade #LakeTravis