WATCH: Another Michigan barbershop reopens, defying governor Whitmer’s order

UPNorthlive reports anorther Michigan barber said she can’t wait any longer for the Governor to give her business and others the green light to open.

It was back to business for Abbie’s First Cut Barber shop in Cadillac

“If I stay closed my little business is going to be gone, and everything I’ve worked for over the last 30 years is gone,” said Tina Godfrey the Owner of Abbie’s First Cut.

Godfrey said bills need to be paid and working part-time at Meijer during the shut down wasn’t cutting it.

“I’ve worked with the public through this pandemic and it comes from, I have a lot less customers in here than I do at Meijer,” said Godfrey.

Meanwhile she said she is keeping her customers safe.

Including herself: She’s asking that customers wear masks, is limiting how many people are allowed in at once, and is sanitizing as much as possible.

It’s been two days since opening back up and Godrey is feeling some relief.

“As of today, I get to go pay my landlord rent, I didn’t have rent money for him,” she said.

Customers eagerly waited for their cut, and agreed with Godfrey’s decision to open.


“It’s just time to get Michigan re-opened up, it’s devastating to our economy, and that is going to be hard to recover from,” said Shane Mieras. “I feel we have to support people that want to get up and going again, I want to support that.”

The Wexford County Prosecutor said Godfrey’s decision could come with a price.

“People are also risking losing their licenses, health department arrests, prosecution from Michigan State Police and The Attorney General,” said Prosecutor Jason Elmore. “All of those have nothing to do with local law enforcement. I encourage any business, group, or person to talk to their own attorney and also talk with their insurance agents.”

Elmore added getting a license back after being revoked can be extremely difficult and expensive.

Godfrey said she’d be crazy not to worry about losing her license, but for now she will remain with scissors in hand.

“Come on in, support your local businesses, open up,” said Godfrey. “Open all your businesses, we do it in numbers, we’ll get our economy back, just be safe.”