Angry Dems Flood Jeff Van Drew’s Twitter Feed With Vicious Comments

Upon widespread reports that he plans to switch parties from Democrat to Republican, lawmaker Jeff Van Drew’s Twitter feed is filled with vicious comments from Democrats.

HighHeelsDes wrote:

Can someone tell me who this traitors opponent is so I can contribute monies to help them win against him! We need to  make sure ’s name trends so everyone knows
that he sold out his country.

Benedict Arnold. You’re a traitor to democracy. You will be remembered that way!

The thing is Jeff. You lie constantly, and vote with the GOP to disenfranchise people. So, even if you were for a cold moment, not lying about this bill, no one in their right mind will trust you. Because you are untrustworthy and do not have NJ’s back.

He was about to lose a primary as an incumbent. He is listening to his pocketbook & I doubt he has a heart.

Can’t wait to donate to your opponent after you switch parties!

Turning a blind eye to treachery and the destruction of our democracy just to garner votes is as cynical as it gets. Resign in shame.

Meanwhile Republicans offered Van Drew a warm welcome.

Sara wrote:

Welcome to the sane side of the aisle, Rep. Van Drew.

I hope you enjoy being part of the party of optimism, patriotism, love, and support for the Constitution.

Welcome to the Republican Party we support you and your amazing strength in leaving a party that hates America thank you for helping Donald Trump make this country great again

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