Angelina Jolie slams Biden’s handling of Afghanistan, says she’s “ashamed” and “we have lost leverage to influence what now happens”

In a new scathing Op-Ed for Time magazine, Hollywood star Angelina Jolie slammed President Joe Biden, saying she’s “ashamed” of his “sickening” Afghanistan withdrawal.

“Whatever your views on the war in Afghanistan, we probably agree on one thing: it should not have ended this way,” Jolie writes.

“Giving up the idea of a peace agreement between the Afghan government and the Taliban, appearing to cut and run, and abandoning our allies and supporters in the most chaotic way imaginable, after so many years of effort and sacrifice, is a betrayal and a failure impossible to fully understand,” she continues.

She later adds “As an American I am ashamed by the manner of our leaving. It diminishes us. We have lost leverage to influence what now happens in Afghanistan. We lack a strategy to monitor and support women and civil society in Afghanistan, who the Taliban have a history of targeting—banning girls from school, confining women to the home, and inflicting brutal physical punishments, including public lashing, on any woman perceived to have stepped out of line. We face a new refugee crisis, on top of record global displacement, with nearly a quarter of a million Afghans displaced within the country since May— 80% of them women and girls. Our allies are rightly upset, blaming the U.S. for a precipitate, unilateral withdrawal that missed the opportunity for any coordinated plan to preserve some of the gains made in the country. We have to acknowledge and address these realities, if we are to have any hope of learning from this dark moment. Evacuating some vulnerable people and accepting some more Afghan refugees for resettlement—as important as both steps are—isn’t going to solve the problem. It is only the beginning of what we need to do if all the years of effort and sacrifice in Afghanistan aren’t going to be wasted.”

Jolie then wrote this on Instagram: