“Angelenos should follow their conscience” LA Mayor blasted for statement some say does not discourage violence strongly enough

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti faced criticism on Twitter for saying “Angelenos should follow their conscience” in response to the death of George Floyd.

Garcetti’s full 2 part tweet is:

George Floyd was killed before our eyes — and we have every reason to be angry, to cry out for justice, to say never again.

Angelenos should follow their conscience in response to the pain and senselessness of this horror. I will always believe in expressing ourselves powerfully, peacefully, and safely.

Kevin Dalton wrote “They followed their consciousness onto the 101 freeway. People were hurt. It may take more than one of your many empty platitudes to resolve this issue.”

Another Twitter user replied:

Feckless leader, the least you could do is condemn destroying property, destroying @LAPDHQ vehicles and jumping on moving cars. You’re so hell bent on being politically that you’ve abandoned your job.

Another Twitter user added:

To abandon a job, Garcetti would have had to do it in the first place.