Angela Rye compares Thomas Jefferson to R. Kelly, asks “Why aren’t there any black women heroes on Mt. Rushmore?”

Appearing on CNN with Chris Cuomo, Angela Rye compared Thomas Jefferson to R. Kelly and asked why there aren’t black women heroes on Mount Rushmore.

Rye also argued “This country is built on a lot that’s not good” and that this time to “reset” should be fully utilized to pursue “righteousness.”

Fox News reports CNN commentator Angela Rye compared Thomas Jefferson’s actions to those of disgraced singer R. Kelly since both of them had “predatory relationships with underage women.”

Rye, who has long called for the removal of statues of the country’s Founding Fathers, renewed her stance on Tuesday night amid the national debate of monuments.

“Did you know that George Washington was not only a slaveowner but one who believed that he was worthy of the very teeth that were in his slaves’ mouths?” Rye said. “Is that someone you want to commemorate on the dollar bill, with a statue, with a holiday, and on Mount Rushmore?”

She later pivoted to the third president of the United States.

“Right now we’re in a society that has — just for example talking about R. Kelly, right? R. Kelly has been canceled, right?” Rye explained. “Given this new term that exists on social media because of his predatory relationship with underage women. Rightfully so. You know who else had a predatory relationship with underage women?”

“Thomas Jefferson,” CNN anchor Chris Cuomo answered.

“Exactly,” Rye replied. “And so, the question is: Should we be celebrating and commemorating people who were that treacherous to whole groups of humans in this country and I would argue no.”

The CNN commentator later suggested Sitting Bull, Crispus Attucks, and Frederick Douglass as those worthy to be featured on Mount Rushmore.

“The truth of the matter is, this country is built on a lot that is not good and we’re in this time that is allowing us to reset and really think about what is right, what is true, and how we should go forward,” Rye continued. “There’s so much we were taught in history books that is not accurate, right? I don’t think that we shouldn’t hold up heroes or deem them heroes because it makes us feel better. That is not honest.”