Anderson Cooper’s “Jeopardy!” Debut has Worst Ratings of Any Guest Host in Jeopardy History

Anderson Cooper’s “Jeopardy1” hosting debut did not start off with a ratings bang.

In fact, quite the opposite occurred as the CNN anchor pulled off the worst ratings in guest host history for the game show.

As reported by The Wrap “Anderson Cooper found out the hard way following Aaron Rodgers is a fool’s errand. The CNN host’s first week guest-hosting “Jeopardy!” did not get off to the best ratings start, falling 7% to a 5.1 rating, the lowest debut for any of the Sony game show’s guest hosts.”

“The 5.1 rating for Cooper’s first week dropped “Jeopardy!” out of the top game show spot, falling behind “Family Feud” which pulled in a 5.5 rating. Cooper’s 5.1 was just below Dr. Oz’s 5.2 rating for his debut week, which had been the previous low for a “Jeopardy!” guest host. Rodgers, the (for now) Green Bay Packers quarterback, began his run with a 5.6; his second week drew a 5.5 rating.” the report adds.