Ana Navarro Says Goya CEO Praising Trump “is pouring salt in the wound of a Latino community” of his customers

Appearing on CNN, Ana Navarro likened Goya’s CEO praising Trump to “pouring salt in the wound of a Latino community.”

Ana Navarro:

This really strikes at a wound. This is pouring salt in the wound of a Latino community that is his consumer base that is most of his customers.

Most Latinos, not all, particularly here in Miami, not all, but most Latinos feel that we have been harassed, discriminated, made a target of division, made a target of demonization by this administration.

Brown children have been put in cages. The deaths of Puerto Ricans have been denied. He threw paper towels at them. He called Mexicans criminals and rapists. He said people from El Salvador were coming from ‘S-holes.”

So it is one thing after the other, so when you’re consumer base is that Latino community, that the majority feel accosted and harassed and discriminated by Trump and you go and call this and say God bless this guy and bless us for having this builder. Builder of what? Of a wall?”

People say he has a right to his opinion, and I believe that. I strongly believe that. But if you believe he’s got a right to his opinion and to politically express himself, you have to believe that his consumers have the same exact right.

So do not expect a community that feels attacked by Donald Trump constantly, and that is your loyal consumer base not to react and feel hurt when they see you praising that person. Actions have consequences. He’s free to take those actions. Those actions have consequences, and he’s just got to accept them.