Amid rising gas prices, Palin says Biden should have listened to her when she said “Drill Baby, Drill”

Amid rising gas prices which led to Biden ordering a release from our strategic reserve, Sarah Palin argued the current President should have listened to her when she advocated drilling for oil domestically.

Biden writes in an Op-Ed for Breibart:

It’s curious how certain phrases catch on.

When I took on Joe Biden and Barack Obama in 2008, they used “Hope and Change.” Now, Biden is the inspiration for “Let’s Go, Brandon.”

My slogan was “Drill, baby, drill.” It was true and necessary in 2008, and it’s needed now more than ever.

During my vice presidential debate against Biden, at the time a four-decades long senator, the price of gas was $3.65 a gallon and a barrel of oil was $97 dollars. Biden had no solutions to the problem of high gas prices, and 13 years later, he remains as clueless.

Biden only reluctantly acknowledges that we have supply shortages. His baffling solution is to import oil from foreign countries. His response to high energy prices is to run and beg OPEC, the international cartel, for more oil.

Why does Biden not want to produce here in America with American workers generating tax revenue for the American economy — where high paying jobs are created for American families and where we have stricter environmental and worker safety standards than anywhere else in the world?

“Drill, baby, drill” isn’t just a desire for more oil. It is a call for more of America.

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