Amid Pandemic, AOC says “for our economy, our planet, and our future, we need a Green New Deal”

Freshman lawmaker AOC is not letting the pandemic stop her promotion of her “Green New Deal” plan.

Monday, AOC tweeted:

Now is the time to create millions of good jobs building out the infrastructure and clean energy necessary to save our planet for future generations.

For our economy, our planet, and our future, we need a .

What we need to do is bring workers like you to the table in our transition to renewable infrastructure, & guaranteeing pensions for fossil fuel workers.

If you see what is happening to coal workers, the mines get $ and workers are hung to dry. We can’t allow for that to happen.

When the coal industry started a long-term decline, instead of moving swiftly to support workers, DC got into a lobbyist-friendly vicious cycle of bailouts that helped co’s more than it helped workers.

This time we need to invest in creating opportunities & financial security.

AOC also set off a firestorm from a tweet she deleted.

“You absolutely love to see it,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Monday. “This along with record low-interest rates means it’s the right time for a worker-led, mass investment in green infrastructure to save our planet. *cough*”

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