American Airlines Faces Boycott Calls Over “BLM” Uniform Pin Initiative

After announcing they will allow their flight attendants to wear a custom designed “Black Lives Matter” pun, American Airlines is facing a backlash and calls for boycott from conservatives.

American Airlines announced “Clearly we live in a time where it is so important to have a dialogue about this important issue of racism in our society and try to find common ground. American is truly committed to having an inclusive culture that is welcoming to all and a reflection of our country and world.”

They added “This is why American is so committed to creating a more tolerant and diverse team. Through our partnership with American’s office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, we are continuing to work through an overall plan for addressing these issues in our workplace.”

American Airlines said the company’s Black Professional network will design a uniform pin, as a way to show support.

Here are just a few of the social media users on Twitter calling for a boycott.

“I remember when @AA did #HonorFlights for our #veterans. They made their choice. I’m not paying for a flying political rally.”

“A boycott of American Airlines is in order. @AmericanAir on Sunday announced that it will allow their flight attendants to wear “Black Lives Matter” pins on uniforms while on duty. AA just slapped every cop in America in the face.”


“I repeat: BOYCOTT American Airlines. No more flying racist skies.”

“#boycottAmericanAirlines nope, not alright”

I will boycott @AmericanAirlines. They are certainly not representative of the majority of #AMERICANS.”

Guess I’ll add #AmericanAirlines to the list of boycotted idiots.”