Amash becomes first Libertarian in Congress, continues moving towards White House Bid

Greg Giroux tweeted Friday:

The U.S. House Clerk’s website has been updated to reflect Rep. @JustinAmash‘s new Libertarian affiliation:

The Libertarian Party wrote:

Today, @justinamash‘s paperwork was accepted by the US House Clerk, making him the first Libertarian in Congress. We look forward to more members leaving their old parties that only care about scoring cheap political points – and not about the American people.

Amash responded Saturday “It’s an important step for our young party, and I’m honored to be a part of it. Join @LPNational and support Libertarians for Congress if you want a more representative government focused on securing the rights of the people.”

Fox News reports Rep. Justin Amash from Michigan made history by becoming the first Libertarian Party member in Congress after he officially changed his party affiliation Friday to launch his 2020 presidential bid against President Trump and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Amash, the former Republican and Independent, now is the Libertarian Party’s highest-ranking public official ever and he’s seeking to break boundaries again with a freshly launched presidential campaign.

“I’m in the race to win it,” Amash told Fox News about his intention to earn the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination and then win the presidency. “I would not have entered the race unless I thought there was a path to victory.”

Faulting the two major parties — the Republicans and Democrats — for creating a “huge mess” in Washington and declaring Trump a “danger” to America, Amash wants to strengthen the third party choice for Americans in November.

“I bring honesty and practicality to the table,” Amash said. “I’ve always been willing to buck my party and do the right thing for my constituents. I put the constitution first.”

He’s campaigning on a set of principles he’s long embraced but says the Republican Party has since abandoned for Trump: limited government, fiscal restraint, restoring civil liberties, constitutionalism, and strengthening legislative branch checks on executive power. His core platform for the presidency is actually empowering Congress to legislate.

He says he’d refuse to negotiate directly with congressional leadership — like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — and force them to go work with their members on passing legislation. He’s tired of top congressional leaders and the White House hammering out a deal in private and forcing members to vote on it as is, such as the latest coronavirus relief packages that are topping trillions of dollars.

“I can change that as president,” Amash said. “I can force Congress to do its job, and I think that’s really important.”