Alyssa shames fans at high school football game, doesn’t say anything about massive BLM rally

Late Friday evening, actress Alyssa Milano shamed fans at a Florida high school football game.

Milano shared a video of a high school football game and wrote:

“This is what happens when the media AND OUR LEADERS stop talking about the fact THAT WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC.”

Ironically, on the very same night of Milano’s tweet, a much much larger, and less well behaved group of BLM protesters marched through Rochester, NY.

Dan Schrack wrote “There is easily a few thousand people at #MLKPark tonight.”

Milano did not tweet about that group not thinking about the pandemic, or mention them at all.

However, some who replied to her pointed out the hypocrisy.

“If that was a BLM or Antifa gathering you would have Liked that image. #hypocrite”