Alyssa Milano warns “we may not have results until days after Election Day”

Monday evening actress and activist Alyssa Milano shared a report that “a federal judge has ruled that all absentee ballots must be counted in Georgia if postmarked by Election Day. This will include ballots delivered up to three days following the election as long as they are postmarked by Election Day.”

Milano then warned her followers on Twitter “We just need to prepare ourselves that we may not have results until days after Election Day and during the time it takes to #CountThemAll”

She added “the current occupant of the White House is going to do everything he can to delegitimize the results.”

One Twitter user replied “Of course he will. But my biggest fear is the electoral college. They put him in last time and he didn’t win the popular vote then.”

Another wrote “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Bush v Gore, it’s to claim victory early and often. Trump will. And if it’s an undecided nail biter, Biden needs to as well.”

Another replied “Or….we just have to prepare ourselves that Trump wins by landslide because Dems had 30 candidates for POTUS & chose Basement Joe!”