Alyssa Milano warns “Cancel culture is being weaponized by the right/Putin”

Monday, actress and activist Alyssa Milano tweeted:

Cancel culture is being weaponized by the right/Putin. Take notice of who they are targeting & what is trending.

Are they trying to hurt Trump’s most vocal critics? Yup. The misinformation campaign has begun. Be vigilant in what you post on social media. Truth still matters.

Many disagreed with Milano’s assessment.

One Twitter user fired back:

Considering which side is usually wielding the cancel weapon, that’s a pretty hilarious observation.

Mark Dice replied:

She’s hiding the replies of people who post the picture of her in blackface, FYI.

The “blackface” Dice is referring to was a “funny or die” episode where Milano darkened her skin to parody “Snooki” from Jersey shore.

Alyssa Milano replied to her own tweet and added:

The replies to this tweet are proving my point. Thank you.

Last week Milano spoke out after a Twitter user dug up a video of her darkening her face for a “Jersey Shore” parody of Snookie.

Milano wrote:

The right wing trolls are using a still from this funny or die video where a parodied Snookie from Jersey Shore. If you see the screen grab that they are using maybe you can shut them down with a link to the entire video. Here it is:

This is the video, produced by “Funny or Die”

The original post asked “Is she racist? #AlyssaBlackface”