Alyssa Milano shares petition demanding the Redskins change their name as pressure increases

Actress and activist Alyssa Milano shared a petition demanding the Washington Redskins change their name.

Milano wrote in one tweet “This cause is close to my heart – please sign:”

In a separate tweet, Milano writes “We must end racism in its entirety. Allowing the @nfl to continue to use the @redskins name is destructive to Native communities and cannot be tolerated any longer. Change the name @Redskins @nfl #TheTimeIsNow #ChangeTheName

The Moveon petition reads:

It is past time that the Washington Football Team retired its derogatory name—Redskins—to history with the other racist and dehumanizing terms of our past.

As the commissioner of the league, the executives of the broadcast networks which carry the games, the corporate sponsors of the franchise, and the executives of the social media platforms for the team, you have the power to bring about the change and justice that this nation and its Native American peoples deserve. Until Daniel Snyder understands the pain, oppression, and hate this racist term brings Native Americans and changes the name, we call upon you to boycott the team and its name as outlined:

NFLshop and Fanatics—cease advertising and selling products with this racist name and logo

FedEx, Bud Light, Bank of America, and Pepsi—suspend corporate sponsorship

ESPN, NFL Network, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, and NBC Sports—discontinue the use of the term “Washington Redskins” and their logo in broadcast, and discontinue the term and logo in all other media from articles to advertisements

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube—suspend the Washington Football Teams social media accounts under violation of racist and derogatory term use, and suspend all advertisements for the team until the name and logo are changed

And to Daniel Snyder—when you do agree to change the name and logo, consult Native American and indigenous leaders to choose a new name and logo which actually honors native history and heritage.

NBC Sports reports as the Redskins search for a new football home in the future, the RFK Stadium site is one that is at the top of the list. However, unless the team is willing to change its name, the area becoming their new field is a non-starter, The Washington Post reported on Wednesday.

Speaking with several government officials, a similar message was shared throughout. The federally owned land will not be given to the franchise if the name remains what it is today.

“I call on Dan Snyder once again to face that reality, since he does still desperately want to be in the nation’s capital,” D.C.’s nonvoting delegate to the House of Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) said. “He has got a problem he can’t get around — and he particularly can’t get around it today, after the George Floyd killing.”

“There is no viable path, locally or federally, for the Washington football team to return to Washington, D.C., without first changing the team name,” D.C. Deputy Mayor John Falcicchio said.