Alyssa Milano Labels Trump “a Garbage Human” Shares “Anti-racism resources for white people”

Wednesday on Twitter, actress and activist Alyssa Milano called President Trump a “garbage human” while pushing a reminder to register to vote.

In a separate recent tweet, Milano shared a link of “anti-racism resources for white people.”

Our President has not tweeted condolences for those we’ve lost to covid-19. 100,000 dead in 2 months and nothing. He is a garbage human. This is your reminder to register to vote, check your registration, and request an absentee ballot.

In another tweet, Milano tweet a link to what she called “Anti-racism resources for white people.”

The “anti-racism resources for white people” link leads to a compilation list of various suggestions for various categories including podcasts to listen to, books to read, and films to watch.

Among the “books to read” are “Black Feminist Thought” and “So You Want to Talk About Race.”

Among the “anti-racism resources to check out” are “75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice.”

Meanwhile, Milano has recently retweeted some harsh criticism of President Trump.

Milano retweeted Andrew Weinstein who wrote:

Donald Trump is losing and he knows it. That’s why he’s frivolously attacking the integrity of vote-by-mail programs. And as November approaches, and he gets more desperate, it’s going to get worse. We must be ready for what’s coming. The future of the republic depends upon it.

Milano also retweeted Don Winslow who wrote:

Mark my words.

If this evil motherf**ker loses, this evil motherfucker will refuse to leave office.

The ONLY way to prevent this and the civil war that will follow is to BEAT HIM BY A WIDE MARGIN. To make his loss UNDENIABLE.

Earlier this month, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson praised actress and activist Alyssa Milano for her push for voting by mail.

Alyssa Milano shared an Op-Ed she wrote for CNN and wrote “US can make voting safer during the pandemic. Don’t let Republicans stop it.”

In her Op-Ed Milano wrote “Vote-by-mail is safe, time-tested, and secure — and doesn’t benefit one party or another, no matter what Trump says.”

Not long after Milano’s tweet, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson replied “Yes. Well said @Alyssa_Milano: “In uncertain times, when kids don’t know when they’ll be back in school, parents struggle to balance working & distance learning, & everyone is worried about protecting their health, voting should be easy. We have the tools & experience to do it.””

Jocelyn Benson has apparently now deleted this tweet.

Benson then appeared on Milano’s “Sorry Not Sorry” podcast and tweeted Thursday:

I really enjoyed this thoughtful and important conversation with @Alyssa_Milano about how we can all work together to ensure every vote is counted and every voice is heard. Take a listen to this and other great episodes of the @sorrynotsorry podcast – link below! #sorrynotsorry