Alyssa Milano demands “NATIONAL shut down NOW!” says “F This. We are losing this battle”

Sharing a CNBC report that California is closing several indoor venues state-wide, actress and activist Alyssa Milano in no uncertain terms demanded a “NATIONAL shut down NOW!”

Milano refers to people talking about kids going back to school as “assholes.”

Milano also calls for the government to “print cash” and give people universal basic income “until we get this pandemic under control.”

F*ck this.

We are losing this battle.

And all these assholes are talking about our kids going back to school?! NOPE. We need a NATIONAL shut down NOW. Print cash. Give people UBI until we get this pandemic under control.

Ironically, MSNBC, which is anything but a conservative network, recently asked a panel of pediatricians if they would let their kids go back to school in the fall.

They all said yes.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted the clip and wrote:

So here we have pediatricians unanimously saying they would “absolutely” send their kids back to school in the fall, “without hesitation.” Stick around for the befuddled anchor’s reaction, “They all said yes.”

In subsequent tweets, Milano adds:

Trump doesn’t care how many people die. He only cares about the economy and his re-election.

Why else would he be ignoring every doctor and specialist in the world?

Dr. Peter Hotez: White House Covid-19 claim ‘totally devoid of humanity’

Dr. Fauci might be great and a national treasure, but please let us not forget that he just sat there as Trump made ridiculous uneducated public health claims.

He has also allowed the White House to silence him as things continued to spiral out of control.