Alyssa Milano claims “Trump’s treatment of immigrants mirrors the actions of Nazis”

Tuesday, actress and activist Alyssa Milano made the stunning claim that “Trump’s treatment of immigrants mirrors the actions of Nazis.”

Milano wrote “It’s not an exaggeration–Trump’s treatment of immigrants mirrors the actions of Nazis.”

She continued ” From #FreeRosa to forced #Hysterectomies, he’s always done the very worst possible thing.”

“I won’t stand for it. Neither should you. #ImmigrantsMatter” she added.

In a separate tweet, Milano wrote “I am disgusted, enraged, and not at all surprised by the whistleblower report alleging an @ICEGov detention center performed mass #hysterectomies on immigrant women. This is how the Trump regime has always treated immigrants and women, and they must be stopped. #ImmigrantsMatter”

Milano’s comments were met with mixed reactions.

A Twitter user who agrees with Milano replied “Absolutely Hitler is constantly on the History Channel, We are taught about the Holacaust. We are supposed to be vigilant. Yet Trump still got elected. No it is not un fair or an exaggerationto say he is like Hitler.”

Another wrote “Preach. I just watched the documentary series “Hitler’s Circle of Evil” on Netflix that discusses Hitler’s rise to power and his chronies and their horrors they did and it mirrors exacly what is happening in the US riht now. History is repeating itself.”

Another wrote “This is literally Nazi Germany now. We have crossed the Rubicon. This is a horror no one can forget.”

Not everyone agreed with Milano.

“That kinda funny – since Obama started w/the Immigrant cages … Good try though !! LOL”