Alyssa Milano Claims Biden “has what it takes to heal the soul of the nation” while Bernie’s “base is toxic”

In a tweet thread pleading to supporters of Bernie Sanders, Biden supporter Alyssa Milano claimed the former Vice President “has what it takes to heal the soul of the nation.”

In a dig to Sanders, Milano also claimed “I don’t believe he can unite the country because his base is toxic.”

This is the thread:

Bernie supporters, a thread for you. I will continue to do what’s right for the people in this country no matter how you attack me. I’m tough. I’ve had 4 years of practice from MAGAs. I know all the tricks and you can’t silence me.

I supported Bernie in 2016.

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In 2016, I felt Bernie was the right person for that moment in history. I still support and believe in many of the policies & ideals of the Sanders Campaign.

He has always fought for what is right and just. I know this. I love this about him.

However, at this moment, I, along with what seems like a vast majority of the American people, and 90% of the other dem candidates, feel that Biden is going to be the steady leadership that we need. He has what it takes to heal the soul of the nation and bridge the divide.

Biden is right for this heartbreaking moment in time. That’s my opinion. My right. You’re entitled to unfollow and wish me away. But, alas, I’m not going anywhere…and I hope you don’t either. We need your fight. We need your anger. We need your passion. We need love.

I’m not your enemy. We are all fighting for the most vulnerable among us. I acknowledge that Sen. Sanders is an amazing public servent and we would be lucky to have him continue in any for of political office.

I don’t believe he can unite the country because his base is toxic.

Having said that, people are dying. I don’t care if they are Trump supporters, Bernie supporters, Biden supporters or a-political. My heart aches for ALL who are struggling right now. Loss of life of this magnitude is unprecedented. Globally, millions of people are going to die.

We have a choice here. We can continue with the divisiveness and fear of the “other,” or we can use this moment to hold hands and carry each other through this tragedy.

Nothing else matters. Hold your loved ones. Help when you can. May you always be safe. May you always be well.

And to everyone who supports my tweets and my being, thank you. I have so much love in my heart right now. The world has changed. I’m sorry people are toxic in my replies. Thank you for hanging in there with me. I appreciate you.

Believe in believing. The impossible is possible.

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