Alyssa Milano claims Biden deserves the “least amount of blame” on Afghanistan out of the last 4 Presidents

Biden supporter and Democrat activist Alyssa Milano claimed Biden deserved the “least amount of blame” on Afghanistan out of the last 4 Presidents.

Milano advocated against stopping the Taliban and wrote “we can’t fix this. It’s too broken.”

Here full thread after the U.S. pulled out and the Taliban took over:

I’m so sad and I’m so angry for the people of Afghanistan. I’m angry for the women and girls in that country, and the suffering they will endure at the hands of the Taliban, who are the embodiment of evil. I’m angry that we have not yet evacuated everyone who helped us. (1/4)

There’s a lot of blame to go around, and while I wish President Biden and his administration had handled the withdrawal better, he deserves the least amount of blame of the 4 presidents who have overseen this war.

This was a war we never should have been in. (2/4)

There are no good answers. To stop the Taliban, it would take hundreds of thousands of troops, thousands of American and untold Afghan lives, and another trillion or more dollars over years and years of war.

We tried that already. It didn’t work. (3/4)

The people of Afghanistan are about to again suffer the legacy of world powers exploiting weaker nations for their own gain. Colonialism does not work.

We can’t fix this. It’s too broken. I just pray that we finally learn the lesson. (4/4)

Meanwhile, a news Rasmussen poll shows the majority disagree with Milano. A Rasmussen poll asked “Who is more to blame for the Taliban taking over Afghanistan, President Biden or former President Trump?”

51% responded Biden for the Taliban takeover compared to 38% who blame Trump and 15% who responded they are not sure.