Alyssa Milano causes stir after declaring “I’m so happy I’m a f***ing Democrat”

Moments ago actress and activist Alyssa Milano caused a stir on Twitter when she declared on the first day of the DNC Convention “I’m so happy i’m a f**king Democrat.”

Most who responded agreed with Milano.

One Twitter user replied “I’m from Germany and I’M so freaking happy that you’re a democrat, too Red heart I sincerely hope America will make the right decision. Sending love and all the best wishes across the globe Red heart stay healthy and safe!”

Another replied “Me, too. I’m so proud to be a Democrat!”

Some who responded did not agree.

One Twitter user replied “Well…I’m f**kin embarrassed and the current Democratic party does not represent my ideas and I would change my political affiliation to Independent but my state has a closed primary.”

Another replied “Yeah, the Do Nothing Party.”

Another replied “All of us Republicans are glad you are a Democrat. Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes”