Alyssa Milano blasts Ted Cruz over Cancun Trip, says “Beto O’ Rourke was actually in Texas making wellness check phone calls”

Wednesday, actress and activist Alyssa Milano blasted Texas Senator Ted Cruz over his Cancun trip.

Milano wrote:

While @tedcruz was flying to Cancun @BetoORourke was actually in Texas making wellness-check- phone-calls.

I know this because I was on the zoom—also making calls— and watching him work his ass off for his fellow Texans.

We need more leaders who lead from a place of love.

She added in a subsequent tweet:

Don’t know if you remember but I asked #cancuncruz to follow me on Twitter yesterday so I could DM him. He didn’t respond. Attached was what I wrote him. It was about trying to get him to co-sponsor the bill to lift the arbitrary timeline on the Equal Rights Amendment.😔#ERANow

Meanwhile, Chelsea Handler tweeted “If you’re wondering how far Ted Cruz will go to prove he’s an a**hole, it’s 1,800 miles.”