Alyssa Milano Blasted After Thanking God for Biden’s “Leadership During This Crisis”

Alyssa Milano sparked a backlash after thanking God for Joe Biden’s “leadership during this crisis.”

Milano tweeted:

I have tears in my eyes watching @JoeBiden right now. Thank God for his leadership during this crisis.

Here is just a small sample of the many responses.

I, too, like leaders who threaten to slap autoworkers, call women “dog-faced, threaten Iraq War veterans, and can’t be seen for longer than 5 minutes in public without going completely nuclear or utterly incoherent. Very “Presidential”.


and he pokes people in the chest and arm, punches shoulders, leans into their faces while yelling and jabbing a finger at them. All aggressive actions and inappropriate

William Shatner called:
He wants his acting back.

He’s not the President.

He is, however, in the midst of a cognitive decline. So there’s that.