Alyssa Milano Blasted After Calling it “So Unfair to Parents” Having Trump as President

Alyssa Milano took to Twitter to call it “so unfair” to have to deal with having Trump as President as a parent.

Milano was referring to Trump viciously mocking Peter Strzok and Lisa Page at a Minneapolis rally.


Many on Twitter fired back at Alyssa Milano and were not buying her argument.

Jessica Fletcher wrote “Might I remind you of a fellow named Bill Clinton.”

Disagree. My students welcome the conversations about Trump. Some like him, most don’t…but informed conversations are had. I ensure respect on both sides and lead guided discussions. I’m not going to stick my head in the ground like an ostrich or pretend he doesn’t exist.

Raise tougher children…

Having abortions is so unfair to Children sooooo…..

I bet the President didn’t use the “F” word in any of his Twitter posts or communications Alyssa? Can you say the same? Who is “inappropriate” here?

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