Alyssa Milano Argues that Dems Were Right to Reject Coronavirus Rescue Package

In a series of 6 tweets, liberal actress and activist Alyssa Milano argued that Democrats were right to reject the McConnell Coronavirus stimulus package.

Milano tweeted:

1. McConnell’s bill is a $500,000,000,000.00 corporate slush fund that supremely benefits CEOs and the ultra rich — while LEAVING WORKERS, FAMILIES and CHILDREN OUT TO DRY.

A thread of specifics of why the McConnell Bill sucks.

2. McConnell’s bill has weak stock buyback language that can be waived by the Treasury Secretary; executive compensation limits only last for two years.

The bill provides little transparency of the lending done by Treasury (amount and to whom?)

3. Language on worker retention is weak and includes easy outs for companies; there are no assurances in the language that workers will benefit.

No expanded emergency leave provisions.

4. In McConnell’s bill there are no specific provisions to protect individuals from eviction, foreclosure or forbearance.

Only 3 months on Unemployment Insurance – this is an insufficient length given the scope of the crisis.

5. The McConnell bill does not provide adequate relief for the 44 million federal student loan borrowers.

6. So many people are struggling. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Call your Senators and demand they do better than the McConnell Corporate Bailout Bill. This bill must protect workers, families and children—the very heartbeat of this country.

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