Allies to Michelle Obama expect her to “come hard at Trump” at DNC speech

According to a new report from “The Hill,” an ally to Michelle Obama expects her to shine a harsh light on President Trump at the virtual DNC convention Monday.

According to TheHill, the ally to Michelle Obama said “I think she’ll come hard at Trump, in the most artful way. I think it will be one of the most defining and memorable speeches of this entire cycle. She has the most powerful voice to get out the vote.”

Democratic strategist Joel Payne also commented on Michelle Obama’s upcoming speech.

Payne predicted Michelle’s speech would be more personal than her husband Barack’s.

“By the virtue of being an ex-president, there are certain things he’s allowed to say. … His will be a little more careful,” Payne explained.

“So in many ways she’s going to be speaking for her and her husband. She’ll hit closer to the bone for millions of Americans who feel alienated by President Trump and his administration.”

He added “She can give a real cutting critique, and it won’t feel political.”

Earlier this week, Michelle Obama shared a video touting voting by mail.

Obama wrote “Voting by mail is a safe, simple, and time-tested way to cast your ballot from home. Head to right now to register to vote and request your mail-in ballot. And make sure to share this with your friends so they do the same!”