Alec Baldwin Warns One of the “darkest periods in American history” may be Beginning

Friday morning anti-Trump actor Alec Baldwin lamented the news that Democrats would fail to force witnesses in the Trump impeachment trial.

Baldwin tweeted the following chilling vision of a dystopian future:

This may b the beginning of 1 of the darkest periods in American history.

The only hope, I believe, is for young people to run for office.

Lamar Alexander and Murkowski prove that theyā€™ll be dead before the future they created unfolds. Only the young can save us. Schiff may help.

Here are some of the replies from his followers:

I wish I had more faith in our youth but they seem to have more superficial concerns. What’s happening in this country and the world is very disheartening

For heavenā€™s sake, they barely vote. Or they pout sooo hard because their candidate failed to get the nomination, so they vote for Trump. They are not the answer.

The fact that it’s gotten this far means we’re already done. It’s like pancreatic cancer; by the time you feel the pain, you’re already 95% dead. Prepare for the dark ages.

Yes, Taylor Swift just released a song today about that.

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