Alec Baldwin says Trump “has a degenerative mental illness that is costing 1000’s of lives”

In a recent tweet, Alec Baldwin writes:

I’ve seen a few ppl in my lifetime who were pre-nuts, but had a lot of $ to conceal/distract.
Overtime, they went full blown.
That’s Trump. The President of the US has a degenerative mental illness that is costing 1000’s of lives.

Earlier in the month, Anti-Trump Actor Alec Baldwin aimed directly at the roughly 63 million Trump voters.

Baldwin tweeted:

I’ve got some voting advice for many of you struggling Trump voters. I picked it up from Trump himself.
Just stay home.
You know, in your heart, that he is an incompetent idiot and self-seeking punk.
Say you were sick. Say you were scared.
Don’t bother voting.
Stay home.

Needless to say, Trump supporters were not impressed and several fired back.

Nearly all the responses to his tweet are against him.

In your dreams

You really know how to motivate Trump supporters to get out and vote. THANK YOU. I assure you that few, if any, Trump supporters are “struggling”. We can’t wait to re-elect @realDonaldTrump That said, how do we vote YOU off of SNL?

Trust me, we’re voting.

Baldwin, Donald Trump has done great job at leading our country. He’s not perfect but, neither of us are. Citizens have confidence in him. His actions have proven he is forthright, patriotic, God-fearing and brilliant. Give our best to Stephen!

I’ve never voted in my life and NOW I’m voting for @realDonaldTrump! Every time a celebrity tells me to do something I always do the opposite and 100% of the time, I’m right. Go figure. Someone who only knows how to play pretend would be ALWAYS wrong on life.

I’m voting for sure……. Montana!

Here’s a tissue for your issue

Fat chance. But nice try.

Didn’t vote for him last time, he had earned my vote this time

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