Alec Baldwin Claims U.S. Govt Under Trump Now as “Lawless” as Nazi Germany

Responding to controversy over Roger Stone’s sentencing and President Trump’s comments on Twitter, anti-Trump actor Alec Baldwin made the outrageous claim that the U.S. government under President Trump is now as “lawless” as Nazi Germany.

Baldwin tweeted:

It’s official. The United States government is as lawless as the malignant dictatorships we’ve hated in our foreign policy since WWII

Some of Baldwin’s followers agreed with his ridiculous assertion.

One Twitter user replied “Lack of a good education system plus the hate machine foxnews is the culprit”

Another wrote “While at the same time countless people are risking their lives every day justfor the possibility of living in the USA”

However not everyone was drinking the kool-aid.

Baldwin followed up his outrageous tweet with another one, writing:

Remember that fascistic thinking takes hold when a standard of living is threatened consistently. People think that things are changing, and downward for most Americans. And that this will become the new normal. They are wholly directed by $.

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