Alec Baldwin Brutally Mocked After Claiming Russians Killed Epstein

The inexplicable death of disgraced billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has sparked a number of conspiracy theories.

However, perhaps none are as ridiculous as the one tweeted by anti-Trump actor Alec Baldwin.

Baldwin, who plays President Trump on SNL, tweeted that “The Russians killed Epstein,” adding “They’re in charge of everything now.”

The tweet sparked immediate mockery and ridicule.

The Russians stole my homework, ran over my dog, impregnated my cat, drank all my beer and stole my pickup truck.

Alec Baldwin, thanks for destroying your own credibilty. Now, I’m free to mock other liberal loons.

Russophobia is the new anti-Semitism.

Or could it be that Baldwin was named as being on Epstein Island

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