Alec Baldwin Blasted After Arguing Actors in College Admissions Scandal Shouldn’t Go to Jail

Actor and activist Alec Baldwin was blasted on Twitter when he suggested the actors involved in the college admissions scandal should not go to prison.

It began when Alec Baldwin tweeted:

I don’t think anyone involved in the college fraud cases should go to prison. That includes past cases as well.
Community service, fines, yes.
But prison time, no.
My heart goes out to Felicity, Bill Macy and their family.

Many who responded disagreed, including one Twitter user who wrote:

This opinion seems tone deaf. If they can afford hundreds of thousands of $$ to get their kids in, how will a “fine” be a deterrent? Even the current risk of jail WASN’T.

Baldwin then responded:

Community service is better.
The demonization of wealth in this country is mind blowing.
A country built on both freedoms and commerce. Now, all success is scrutinized. Merely to succeed, especially financially, invites scrutiny, judgment, abuse.

Michael Colton, responded to Alec’s response with:

Or, just spitballing here, maybe they were demonized not because of their wealth but because they broke the law?

Another Twitter user writes:

Wow Alec. I’m very disappointed in you. Freedom? You don’t have the freedom to bribe or break the law. That mentality is insulting that because you’re rich you DESERVE to do whatever you want. I guess eff your fans who aren’t rich who can’t do that right? Gross

Maybe not but you guys shouldn’t have advantages that the rest us don’t with regard to education just because you’re wealthy & famous. You all know you have eyes on you. Be the example. There should be some things that can’t be bought no matter the price.

They all deserve jail time. Fines mean nothing to these people.Thnk they can buy everything

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