Al Sharpton: Trump’s ‘Method of Doing Government’ Is ‘Racism’

Breitbart reports Sunday on MSNBC’s “Weekends,” network host Al Sharpton accused President Donald Trump of using “racism” as his method of doing government while commenting on the president’s tweet.

Trump tweeted:

Witt said, “President Trump is returning to crime and fear in his appeal to voters in the suburbs. We’ve been showing you his tweet, telling suburban voters that your housing prices will go up and crime go down.”

She asked, “I’m curious your reaction to this scare tactic. Does it harken back to the 1970s when the federal government sued President Trump for violating the Fair Housing Act?”

Sharpton said, “It absolutely does. It shows that he is consistently been one that tried to use racism as his method of doing business and now his method of doing government. I think though that it also indicates that he is time warned because the issue in housing today is gentrification, where people in the suburbs are moving to the inner cities and, in many ways displacing minorities in the inner cities and driving them to the suburbs. So he’s not only wrong morally he is wrong given the time period because the suburbs of the ’70s is not the suburbs of today. He is trying a scare tactic where he is pointing at  a boogeyman that has been unclothed, and people understand the boogeyman has no bite.”