Al Sharpton Claims the “Danger” of Trump is “Compassion and Him Don’t Walk Together”

During a recent segment on MSNBC, Al Sharpton accused President Trump of lacking compassion.

Al Sharpton:

I have got to say this. This is the danger of Donald Trump, compassion and him don’t walk together because his initial.

Nicolle Wallace:

I would argue neither do numbers and specifics.

Al Sharpton:

But you start by saying we are on our way to South Carolina thousands of people are coming out. They asked him about the virus, the coronavirus, and he starts promoting the rally in South Carolina with thousands, we will have a great day, he Democrats. He then gets around to the fact that we’re dealing with a real problem here. That’s the danger of having somebody who has no sensitivity other than to say something about himself. 

Nicole Wallace:


Watch the video here.